"In every Province across Canada and the North West Territories animals are being starved, neglected, tortured, abused and abandoned."


Injured KittyThis cat was beaten deliberately but did recover This is classic Active Cruelty (By Commission).


CFAWR intends to work slowly and steadily to create a climate in which all Canadians, politicians, and the media will finally connect the critical dots between the issues of animal welfare and the quality of our society. This will spotlight the connection between animal abuse and domestic violence; factory farming, climate change and pandemic animal human-related disease; and corporate industrial and public animal cruelty. All of these issues affect the well-being of Canada and her citizens.

We believe that listening plays an important role in our fight for change. We intend to listen to what Canadians are saying about animal welfare legislation. We plan to observe the roots of change that are made by Canadian Members of Parliament such as Mark Holland, Ron Jones, Joes Comartin, Mac Harb and Alex Atamanenko. We will support the efforts made by individuals and key animal welfare groups in every way that we can, but we are raising the bar.

We will use this website to communicate with and gain feedback from Canadians. Though our unshakable commitment, providing education and establishing connections, CFAWR will garner support from a vast demographic. A current Care 2 petition is collecting signatures in support of tougher animal cruelty laws. It reports that 93 per cent of Canadians desire this change. The report further states that enforcement officers, hunters, farmers and lawyers were among those polled.

We will educate the public and the media by showing what is lacking in current animal cruelty laws and why we ultimately need new stand alone legisation. CFAWR will focus on several key issues, including but not limited to the Dog Act, which is being brought into Northwest Territory legislation. Unlike every other province and territory, the Northwest Territories have no comprehensive animal protection legislation.

CFAWR will also present information and history and the current discussions on the meaning and definition of the term 'specieism' and the declassifications of animals (sentient beings) as property. We will spotlight issue connected to animal cruelty in its many forms and bring forward the issues of animals as sentient beings and the critical need for definitions of such terms as active and passive cruelty, humane and suffering.

Factory Farmed chickens who spend their entire life in a cage trapped on a wire mesh floor no bigger than an 8x10 piece of typing paper.
CFAWR will also present critical information on animal cruelty syndrome, the signature pathology and its direct link to domestic violence and serial murders.

Our special issues focus on the CFAWR website will be the primary arena with which we do this, by providing education, raising awareness and creating a mechanism for funds to stream directly to animal welfare groups and for the care of animal cruelty victims across Canada.

CFAWR plans to request and gain support from WSPA, IFAW, RSPCA PETA, CFHS, and HSI as well as other other large international animal welfare organizations. We will ask Canadian grass roots groups and celebrities for their endorsement of our mission. We will also seek out support from MPs and MLAs such as Mac Harb and MP's Joe Co Martin David Zimmer and Mark Holland.

We will seek every opportunity to send out press releases and speak to the media, the government and the public. When funds allow, we will hold special events and discussion forums across Canada. We will create a task force to begin putting in place draft guidelines for a Canadian animal welfare act.

CFAWR ultimately intends to create sufficient funds to invite consultants from the RSPCA in Britain to help us do this. Britain's fully fledged animal welfare act was enacted in 2006.

At such a point in time when CFAWR has established a stable public presence, concrete support and sufficient funds for administrative costs, CFAWR will establish CFAWR Charities. We will apply for charitable status. This will be purely a fund raising mechanism to financially assist grass roots animal welfare organizations across Canada and the Northwest Territories.

It our cherished hope over the next five years to create a humane education program that will be adopted by the Canadian Teachers Federation and added as a curriculum component in all elementary and middle schools.

Canadian seal hunt killing
CFAWR's other long term plans are to found a National Animal Welfare Council that would be comprised of all the large organizations such as WSPA Canada and the Canadian Federation of Humane Societies Canadians For the Ethical Treatment of Food Animals, Canadian Veterinary Medical Association, MPs, MLAs. This council would investigate all animal welfare issues impacting our health and well being, then recommend and initiate changes.

In the future, when sponsorship and funding allow, CFAWR also plans to develop and air multi-media animal welfare public service announcements.
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