"In every Province across Canada and the North West Territories animals are being starved, neglected, tortured, abused and abandoned."



It is the second largest country in the world, 6.7 percent of the world's land mass, encompasses almost 10 million square kilometres, is bounded by three oceans, spans 6 time zones, and is approximately 7730 kilometres from east to west.

This is the country we love. This is our Canada and her animals have virtually no legal protection. CFAWR intends to change this.


We are an organization which firmly believes that we can positively and proactively show the Canadian government that animal welfare is a serious issue. We believe that we can create the climate that will allow the government to ultimately bring an animal welfare act into legislation. In essence, CFAWR is inventing a whole new wheel.

This is Passive Cruelty ( by omission) Zoe was deliberately allowed to starve by an act of willful neglect.
CFAWR does not exist as a registered charity because our work to bring about radical and legislative change does not allow us to apply for charitable status. We will recuite passionate and like minded volunteers and seek to raise funds for administrative costs and the creation of marketing materials such as press releases.

CFAWR does not engage in violent or illegal activities and will not partner with or accept donations from individuals or corporate sponsors who in have any connection to or engages in a practice which puts any animal in harm's way.


CFAWR intends to work slowly and steadily to create a climate in which all Canadians, politicians, and the media will finally connect the critical dots between the issues of animal welfare and the quality of our society. This will spotlight the connection between animal abuse and domestic violence; factory farming, climate change and pandemic animal human-related disease; and corporate industrial and public animal welfare cruelty. All of these issues affect the well-being of Canada and her citizens.

Zoe now rescued and fully recovered and happy in her furever home.
For more information, please visit the CFAWR's Strategic Plans.


CFAWR will be around as long it takes to see the full protection of all animals in Canada via an animal welfare act.


Simply put, we will be everywhere.

We elected our Prime Minister and his cabinet. We gave them the power to shape our country. The time has come for those in power to listen to us and, with your help, CFAWR is prepared to stand up for animals – not just the animals we love, but also the animals we raise for food, the animals who serve and protect us, our wild animals and our strays.


When our current federal animal cruelty legislation was written over a century ago in 1892, animals had an entirely different role in society. The first national law to regulate animal experimentation was passed in Britain in 1876 - the Cruelty to Animals Act. This bill created a central governing body that reviewed and approved all animal use in research. There were several other European countries that followed suit.

James Fitzjames Stephen who wrote " The Stephen Code"
Canada's original Criminal Code was codified in 1892 and called The Stephen Code. This was written by Sir James Fitzjames Stephen of the British Royal Commission. These are the specific foundations of our animal cruelty legislation.

Is there really any question that it is no longer relevant or remotely adequate?

The Canadian government has taken a revolutionary step by adopting the WSPA/Canada UN initiative, the Universal Declaration on Animal Welfare (UDAW) in principle. On November 13 2009 the Canadian parliament proposed that the government accept the UDAW (in principle). This motion was seconded by Liberal Deputy House Leader Marlene Jennings.

"FREE AT LAST" Rescued Beagle from bankrupt animal scientific experiment lab. Courtesy of Animal Defense League, who rescued her!
Jennings said, "Although the motion is not legally binding... It is highly symbolic and acknowledges how Canada, as a country, feels about the animal welfare. It is our hope that the adoption of the resolution will not only influence laws within Canada, but will serve to establish Canada as a world leader in the protection of animal welfare."

For more information about the limits of Canada's current legislation, please visit Problems with Legislation.


CFAWR will act as a catalyst in encouraging action wherever we can. By being present, listening, watching and working with others we can begin to bring previously underground roots of animal cruelty into the foreground.

As sentient beings, animals need protection. As moral beings, we must create and provide that protection. Through education, awareness events, sponsorship and recruiting support, CFAWR will draw together all those currently concerned on a national and international level. We will also invite those who were not previously aware.

When it comes to making radical changes to federal law, we must stand together. We look forward to the day when we will stand together as a country know that we have spoken out for those who cannot. And that finally, we have been heard!

With your help, passion and commitment, we will be heard!
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